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UPDATE: Free Piranha Run 2.0 with Shark Guard available in iTunes Now!!


 Shark Guard in Free Piranha Run 2.0; because you don’t want to be eaten!!Shark Guard

Free Piranha Run v.2 available in iTunes.

Free Piranha Run Lite - Norge App Development

Free Piranha Run 

You have hit the jackpot! As the only piranha in the river with hundreds of delicious fish, you can swipe your finger to move around the screen, devour fish, and see how far upriver you can go!! Careful, the sharks have figured out that piranha taste good, so avoid becoming their dinner.





What’s New in Version 2.0

New point values for the fish you eat.

Game Center, now you can challenge your friends and enemies to swim with the fish. Set your personal goals and track the all time record world high score; which could be you!!

Free Piranha Run now includes Shark Guard! Protect yourself from the vicious sharks who want to eat Piranha fish! Power up with a Shark Guard in 5, 15, 30, or 45 use packets. Each use protects you from shark attack!!

Earn a free Shark Guard shield. A random Shark Shield fish is in the river, eat that mystery fish and earn a free shark guard; protection from being eaten by a shark.

Reskin your piranha into a new piranha, choose between the Gold Speed Piranha or Exotic Red Piranha!

We couldn’t hold back, we included two new characters we were reserving for version three, Red Eye Squid and Cool Blue Ray!!

Free Piranha Run was proudly developed by Rahul Baid, contact him at

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